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the mantra across Europethough, with 60% of the UK respondents expressing an interest in making improvements simply to refresh the home and 37% of Russian consumers favouring more opulent "Heritage" styles of dcor over the contemporary looks.

Nike Running Shoes Camouflage

Nike Running Shoes Camouflage

Our Continental neighbours are discovering the joys of "do it yourself" and, at home or in the garden, are going at it hammer and nail, thus feeding changes across the Eurozone in home improvement, according to a recent European Home Report by Kingfisher, owner of B the UK's largest home improvement retailer.

DIYers in the UK and Ireland are the most likely to do their own tiling (38%), and insulation (22%) projects.

places they have visited (27%).

The Exeter DailyKeeping up with the Continental neighbours

Nike Running Shoes Camouflage

In , people are also very keen to make changes so they can work from home (27%).

Nike Running Shoes Camouflage

Nike Running Shoes Camouflage

Europe is also embracing energy efficiency and eco friendly homes, with more than half (54%) of consumers in placing the highest interest in living in an eco friendly home. While 37%, Russia 36% and 28%, find eco friendliness in the home very important too.

81% of people in the UK and Ireland say they would be happy to take on gardening jobs, while the Polish are confident DIY plumbers (21%). Apart from painting and decorating (53%) and small ad hoc repairs (49%), the Spanish are very confident at electrical tasks (23%).

Nike Running Shoes Camouflage

Modern Europeans are, at last, Nike Mens Running Shoes White

Nike Running Shoes Camouflage

To help us 'keep up with the joneses', here's a sneak peak at some more differences Nike Running Shoes Camouflage across Europe, which are shaping the way we live in our homes and the year ahead in home improvement

Germans are the most capable, the Turkish are the least confident and the French are the champions at spending on DIY. What about the UK and Ireland? We are the keenest gardeners.

Nike Running Shoes Camouflage

Nike Running Shoes Camouflage

Not being content with building the best cars and producing some of the best football players in the world, tops the home improvement confidence table with assured skill levels in every category, including complex jobs such as electrical projects (29%) and structural work (21%).

Keeping up with the (Continental) neighbours

Home improvement is set to remain one of the top leisure activities in Russia next year as people plan to do more (88%) and spend more (47%).

People in the UK and Ireland have made changes to cater for more home based entertaining (31%) and leisure activities (34%).

Ebru SayilanCommercial DirectoratB says: "Today's economy has contributed its part to the expansion of the do it yourself movement, as more people turn to it as a way to save money. However, this research shows that we like our houses to work harder and smarter, and that's why we spend time and money maintaining and improving their value."

Russians are twice as likely to want to impress their visitors (14%) with inspiration particularly taken from television shows (60%) and the internet (53%).

Energy saving measures, such as new heating controls (25%) and cavity wall insulation (21%), are more popular in Russia than elsewhere.

Nike Running Shoes Camouflage

Polish gain inspiration for their homes from design and style magazines (43%) and are the most likely to be inspired by Nike Running Shoes No Laces

'Improve don't move' seems to be Nike Shoes Training Women

following in the footsteps of the UK, where tinkering with home and garden has become a leisure activity. But as with every market, each country has its strengths and styles when it comes to home improvement.

26% of those surveyed say they have started growing vegetables.

The 'grow your own' trend is also evident in with 21% growing their own vegetables and 30% of respondents saying water butts would be their preferred eco investment.

More home improvers in the UK and Ireland plan to tackle internal (56%) and external (15%) painting and decorating than in any other country. In fact, we are the kings and queens of painting and decorating without any expert help (82%).

Nike Running Shoes Camouflage

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