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local democracy at East Devon

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After that pupils went on to decide how to spend a hypothetical 5000 in their village, hearing cases for a bird hide, gardening club, flood defences or solar panels. After half an hour grilling a panel of Officers and Councillors, the group opted for flood defences.

Speaking at the end of the activities, Evie Archibald and Lily O'Neill, both 10, said: "The day was an inspiring and interesting one, providing us with a fun opportunity to look at the work of a Councillor, but also a serious side as we sat through a pretend planning commitee meeting. We also learnt how to be confident and speak out with our points. From today, we also Nike Mens Shoes White realised that Councillors have a harder job than we once thought."

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The council set up the event after an approach from the school, which had previously taken part in the annual "National Take Over Day" and wanted a new set of pupils to experience a similar event.

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"I have to say the councillors have been amazing. They've been such good sports, dressing up and having a grilling from the children. It's been superb, the children will have got so much from it."

The Exeter DailyOtterton Primary School pupils get to grips with Nike Sneakers For Women Price

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the ability to make tough decisions; a hardworking attitude; living in the local area; understanding how the local council works and being friendly and approachable.

The event is just a small part of the work the Council undertakes to involve young people in their council and community as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. This includes getting youngsters to design play areas and flowerbeds, decide where funds should be spent on leisure and sports facilities, running inter generational events where old and young work together, holding junior life skills events, working with young tenants, running an environmental education programme and running a Junior Ranger Club after school on the Axe Wetlands.

Children from Otterton Primary School have been finding out what it's like running a council.

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The 10 and 11 year olds spent the morning getting involved with how decisions are made, with some lively debates and discussions along the way.

Deborah Evans, the children's teacher at Otterton Primary School said: "It's been absolutely fantastic. Our purpose of coming here was to get an idea of how local council's work. Nike Shoes Running Price

"The debate about how to spend money locally has been brilliant as it ties in with projects their doing at school.

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Councillor Christine Drew, EDDC Member Champion for Youth said: "We always learn a little something from these events, and I was really delighted to see so many happy young faces taking part in debates and activities. Days like this really bring local democracy alive, showing tomorrow's voters lots of the important things it does.

The whole thing was well received by the school, which thanked the council and participants for the time and effort put in to the event.

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The children finished up by breaking out the art supplies and designing their perfect councillor. Among their top ten attributes were Nike Running Shoes Black And White Tumblr

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Otterton Primary School pupils get to grips with local democracy at East Devon

We're in the process of doing a project on democracy and so this morning's debate was fantastic as I've been teaching them about persuasive arguing, so that has been really useful for them.

Throughout the day youngsters got the chance to take part in a number of activities, including deciding a pretend planning application for a new fast food restaurant. The council's Cabinet Member for Corporate Business Cllr Ray Bloxham played the part of Chairman for the meeting, with Member Champion for Youth Cllr Christine Drew taking the Vice Chair.

Thirteen Year 6 students were welcomed by East Devon District Council on Friday 1 March, having arranged special activities such as debating a pretend planning application, deciding how to spend a hypothetical 5000 on community projects in Otterton and even designing the perfect councillor.

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