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Nike Running Shoes Sports Direct

Commenting on ITV's Good Morning Britain, David Cameron said that the BBC had acted "unfairly" in its treatment of the BBC Radio Devon DJ David Lowe who was dismissed after broadcasting a 1932 recording of 'The Sun Has Got His Hat On'.

PM criticises BBC decision

"I think we're all too ready to bow to political correctness. One feels one is following a verbal tightrope, even in casual conversation."

"David was initially invited early last week (Tues 6 May) to return to his show. Nike Running Shoes Orange And Grey

Prime Minister David Cameron said: "I don't run the BBC but it does seem in this case that if you really didn't know what was on the record, it does seem slightly unfair.

Nike Running Shoes Sports Direct

Nike Running Shoes Sports Direct

"There is certainly no logic at the BBC. They should restore Mr Lowe to his job if he will take it and the entire BBC Board should go down to Devon to apologise in person, and at their own expense."

The Exeter DailyPM criticises

The BBC has since apologised for their handling and extended Mr Lowe an offer to return to work.

Nike Running Shoes Sports Direct

Nike Running Shoes Sports Direct

Nike Running Shoes Sports Direct

Mr Lowe continued: "I made a silly mistake, my first error in more than 30 years of broadcasting. I am deeply embarrassed by it."

Speaking to ITV's Good Morning Britain, the Nike Running Shoes 2018

Nike Running Shoes Sports Direct

Nigerian maniacs: they use weapons produced by the very capitalist system they claim to deplore, for instance.

A listener complained to the BBC after the recording, which includes a verse containing the 'n word' that has been omitted from later versions of the song, was broadcast on Mr Lowe's Sunday night Singers and Swingers show, which was pre recorded prior to it's broadcast on April 27.

Mr Lowe, 68 years old, described the incident as an "innocent mistake" as he was unaware of the recording's offensive content.

Nike Running Shoes Sports Direct

"His offer to resign was agreed locally but once escalated it was decided his resignation should not have been accepted.

Boris Johnson, however said that the decision was 'utterly disgraceful' comparing the situation to that of the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram , who have recently reached international infamy for kidnapping more than 200 school girls.

Mr Johnson said: "In our own modest way, we live in a Boko Haram world, where it all depends on the swirling rage of the Internet mob, and where terrified bureaucrats and politicians are borne along against a torrent of confected outrage.

However Mr Lowe reports that he has declined the offer as the stress of the incident had exacerbated symptoms of his Dystonic Tremor, a pre existing neurological condition which Mr Lowe says will take some time to recover from.

The BBC has been widely criticised for their handling of the incident including David Cameron and Boris Johnson, the mayor of London.

Responding to the A BBC spokesperson said: "We accept that the discussion with David Lowe about his future could have been handled better.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has become the latest public figure to criticise the BBC over its dismissal of a Veteran DJ for broadcasting a song containing racist language.

"I don't know all the facts of the case, but from reading the papers like everyone else, it looked a bit odd."

Nike Running Shoes Sports Direct

He has declined and so we would like to thank him for his many years presenting on Radio Devon and wish him well for the future."

"Unfortunately the BBC decided on the latter option. I don't have any quarrels with any of my colleagues. It's the system of political correctness which has turned this into a rather badly handled affair.

Speaking to BBC News, Mr Lowe said: "I offered to apologise Nike Running Shoes Sports Direct or to fall on my sword.

Nike Running Shoes Sports Direct

"There is no consistency in the outlook of the Shoes Nike Womens

Nike Running Shoes Sports Direct

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