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focused on the soaring temperatures, for some the thought of a possible chilly winter was uppermost.

The cost of the new boiler and the associated work needed to house it is over 25,000. This significant and unexpected expenditure will hit the Centre and Church finances hard, and this is why we are seeking help in raising at least some of the required funds.

The Centre was originally Kennaway's Wine Warehouse which began trading in 1743. William Kennaway becoming Mayor of Exeter in 1831. Many of the city's older citizens will remember the building.

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The Exeter DailyPalace Gate Centre appeal for help to cover cost of new boiler

to discover that following an inspection the Centre's heating plant was no longer fit for service, having been in continuous use since 1973, and without immediate replacement the prospect of a cold winter beckoned.

This wide ranging network of community organisations and users, over half of them are self help and mutual support groups, rely heavily on the Centre being able to provide an effective heating and hot water system for their needs seven days a week. The Church too as a regular Nike Shoes For Women On Sale Centre user and its adjoining place of worship shares the need.

Nike Shoes For Women On Sale

Nike Shoes For Women On Sale

Nike Shoes For Women On Sale

Palace Gate Centre appeal for help to cover cost of new boiler

annually and some users have their own dedicated offices and consulting rooms there.

If in reading this you feel that you would like to help maintain the support given to the local community by this greatly valued special enterprise over so many years with any financial gift, the warmth of your generosity will be will be gratefully received and much appreciated.

"The church is used each week by two congregations South Street Baptist Church and the Exeter Chinese Christian Fellowship, as well as an occasional conference venue.

Users of Exeter's "Palace" the Palace Gate Centre (located in Palace Gate, off the bottom of South Street) were dismayed Nike Trainers Air

"When people come to Centre or church we want them to be able to focus on the reason for their visit and not be distracted by feeling chilly! South Street Baptist Church has taken a lead in providing this resource to the city and would value any support that others feel they could give."

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Nike Shoes For Women On Sale

Nike Shoes For Women On Sale

Because of the urgency provision of a new heating system had to be made quickly and the replacement is now in place.

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The Palace Gate Centre, an integral part of South Street Baptist Church has had a 35 year tradition of caring involvement with the local community, the Church itself founded in 1656.

Did you notice more shoppers hovering a bit longer near the freezer sections of supermarkets and in air conditioned shops? While attention was Nike Shoes Mens Running

Simon Taylor, South Street's Minister and Chaplain to the Palace Gate Centre, commented: "People come to the Palace Gate Centre for many reasons to cope with addiction, seek counselling, join a parent or toddler group or be part of a philosophy discussion.

The Church purchased the property in 1973 with the specific intention of adapting it to create a welcoming location suitable to meet the many needs of the local community. That aim has been consistently met, with some 40 community groups currently meeting there regularly. The Devon Performing Arts Festival is also held there Nike Running Shoes Red And Black

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