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Nike Running Shoes 2018 Men Red

The conference, entitled "A New Republic Stronger Together" will focus on issues concerned rural voters in an effort to expand the party's reach outside its urban base.

Mr McGuinness called for republicans and unionists to move towards a "new phase" of the peace process. "Let us deal with the past but not become entrapped by it, let Nike Shoes Women Black

was "not mesmerised" by being in government in the Republic, but that he would do so on terms that would build a "real republic" and a "just and fair society".

Nike Running Shoes 2018 Men Red

At the opening of his party's rd Fheis in Mayo, Mr Adams said he Nike Trainers Womens Cheap

"We want to be in government. Of course we do. But we don't want to be in government for the sake of being in government. We're in government in the North because we think we've good work to do and a responsibility to do it. But the only point of being in government is to bring about positive change."

Sinn Fin leader Gerry Adams said he would consider any future proposal to form a coalition government with Fianna Fil, while also describing them as "the people who caused the mess in the first place".

Nike Running Shoes 2018 Men Red

us rebuild relationships not on the basis of recrimination but on the basis of equality," he said.

"Recent squalid feuding among these groups and the recent murders in Dublin and Meath has nothing at all to do with republican ideals and everything Nike Womens Shoes Black And Pink

Adams 'would consider FF coalition'

Nike Running Shoes 2018 Men Red

The conference last night called for a poll or referendum on a united Ireland on both sides of the border.

Nike Running Shoes 2018 Men Red

He said there are 180,000 families in mortgage arrears. "They live in fear of that home Nike Running Shoes 2018 Men Red being repossessed but the Government still thinks they have the means to pay tax on it," he said.

The party's spokesman on finance, Pearse Doherty, told delegates that Fine Gael, Labour, and Fianna Fil are three parties who have "caused, deepened and lengthened the recession".

He denied there was any political point scoring involved in holding the party's conference in the Taoisach's hometown of Castlebar, where more than 1,000 delegates gathered last night.

Mr Adams said Sinn Fin, not Fianna Fil, is the "principal party of opposition" even though it has fewer TDs in the Dil. "If you look at the Fianna Fil four year plan, it's this programme for government."

Nike Running Shoes 2018 Men Red

In his speech to delegates, Martin McGuinness hit out at those "whose desire to plunge Northern society back to the past has to be unreservedly condemned".

He was then asked if that change was offered by the Fianna Fil leader, Michel Martin, if he would consider it: "Of course we'd consider from all angles whatever would advance our project," said Mr Adams.

Asked if he would form a government with Fianna Fil if the numbers added up after the next election, he said it was an "entirely premature" question. "My personal position is, no we would not," he said.

Nike Running Shoes 2018 Men Red

Nike Running Shoes 2018 Men Red

One of the more contentious motions to be debated at the conference is "to articulate and vote on the issue of abortion according to their conscience".

Nike Running Shoes 2018 Men Red

Nike Running Shoes 2018 Men Red

to do with money, ego and self interest," he said.

Nike Running Shoes 2018 Men Red

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